About Us

Pushpak Bullions Pvt. Ltd was founded by Shri Chandrakant Patel & Shri Ketan Shroff in 1999. It started off as a humble Bullion dealer based out of Mumbai, India.

Today Pushpak has grown manifold in terms of turnover, profitability and is also widely spread geographically; it has become multi-activity, multi-location organization having associate offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Surat. The Company also has a presence in overseas markets covering the Gulf and USA.

Pushpak has been associated with all leading Spot and Futures Exchanges in India and is an authorized participant as well as market maker for all major Gold ETF’s in India. It holds memberships to all major commodity exchanges in the country.

Pushpak Bullions is also actively involved in various Industry forums such as The Bombay Bullion Association (BBA) to promote and represent the Bullion Industry on various issues. Mr. Chandrakant Patel, Director of Pushpak Bullions Pvt. Ltd was also a Co-Op Director of Bombay Bullion Association and plays a prominent role in representing the Bullion Industry on various regional and national platforms.